Graduation Card

Graduation Card

Graduation Card

By Maddie Bushman


Instructions and Directions:

1. Use the "Print and Cut" feature to obtain the graphic objects. (Graduation.draw and plants.draw)

2. Cut the pop-up card from the gradcard.draw.

    Note - Using the creasing tool, crease the lines for the stairs. The remainder of the lines are for cutting.

3. Cut the curtains from gradcurtains.draw, the carpet from carpet.draw and lettering from proud.draw.

4. Fold the inside card on the creased lines as well as in half, making sure to extend the outer braces for the flower pots.

5. Adhere the shapes to the inside card.

6. For the outside card, replace the blade with the pen holder tool and a pen and then type "graduation" in the desired font and position about 1/2" from the bottom and about 1" from the lower right hand side and proceed to have the cutter write the wording.

7. Position the large graduation cap and the small caps on the outer card as desired.

8. Adhere inside card to outer card.


Click here for gradcard.draw.

Click here for gradcurtains.draw.

Click here for graduation.draw.

Click here for plants.draw.

Click here for proud.draw.